What our members are saying…!


  • Sasha and Family, Sudbury ON

    Sasha and Family, Sudbury ON

    A Heal baby...?! 

    "It’s been over 2 years since I've joined Heal Sudbury in the Rainbow Centre. I joined with my boyfriend and would often bring my mom as well. In the first 6 months I lost over 100 lbs using the 30 minute circuit approximately 3-5 times per week. Heal encouraged me to change my diet and I finally had the strength to stop smoking. The best part of my healing journey has been becoming pregnant. This may not sound like a big challenge, but I had already suffered two miscarriages over the past few years and feared the same thing would happen again. This time however, my body was less toxic and a safer environment for a new baby to grow in. I would like to introduce Chloe…my ‘Heal-Baby’…"

  • Jolie B., Sudbury ON

    Jolie B., Sudbury ON

    Sore joints or back pain..? 

    "Starting the 30 Minute Heal Circuit has really halted my sore joints-especially my lower back and hips. The sauna is so soothing and the massage chairs are a nice finish. Chaga has helped me curb addiction to coffee. Thank you Chaga..! Thank you Heal..!

  • Julie, Sudbury ON

    Julie, Sudbury ON

    Looking for positive health changes in your life?

    "I attend Heal for a peaceful and healthy experience. I now eat better, am in a better mood and feel positive changes. I can't see my week go by without coming to Heal..!

  • Isabelle C, Sudbury ON

    Isabelle C, Sudbury ON

    Fall Prevention...?

    I came to Heal Sudbury for four months and I can bend down now without falling. Thank You!

  • M.S, Sudbury ON

    M.S, Sudbury ON

    Anxiety & Depression?

    What our members are saying: "I've been attending Heal for the last year and a half. It has helped me overcome anxiety and depression in my darkest hours. I love Heal. This is a place that I can go to find peace. Heal has put me on the path of achieving mental, emotional, spiritual and bodily health. Thank you!

  • Sylvie Hince, Sudbury ON

    Sylvie Hince, Sudbury ON

    Issues with pain..?

    "Every time I visit 'Heal'...I feel great for the next 24 hours with NO PAIN..!

  • Roxanne, Sudbury ON

    Roxanne, Sudbury ON

    Weight loss & mental health..! :

    "As a University student, the Healing Circuit has helped me to reduce my anxiety and helped me to relax. Also, I see positive results with less belly fat, which has helped my confidence with the way I look. Thank you to everyone who helped make the Healing Circuit a reality. I definitely recommend it to anyone dealing with mental illness or struggling to lose weight."

  • Charles P, Sudbury ON

    Charles P, Sudbury ON

    What our philosophical members are saying:

    "Nobody gets to live life backwards. Look ahead, that is where your future lies..."(Ann Landers) "With 'Heal' ...the systems allow me to look ahead..Thank you."

  • Maggie, Sudbury ON

    Maggie, Sudbury ON

    What our members are saying:

    "I have been attending 'Heal' for a few weeks and I already feel a great shift in my mental well being. I am now making this place my home for 30 minutes, 3 times a week..! Thank you Heal for my current life-shift to wellness.

  • Nicole, Garson ON

    Nicole, Garson ON

    Having sleep issues..?

    "Heal is 30 minutes of 'ME' time in a busy stressful world. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and my sleep has greatly improved..!"

  • Caroline Patry, Sudbury ON

    Caroline Patry, Sudbury ON

    What our members are saying:

    "I am a certified Physio Assistant and Occupational Therapy Assistant. Heal Inc is the one place that I would recommend to anyone looking to reduce stress, get healthier, lose weight, tone muscles and perhaps even live longer! Every step of the Heal Circuit promotes blood circulation which delivers oxygen to every tissue and organ in the body. This promotes quicker healing, strengthens the immune system and decreases the odds of illness. Their Whole Body Vibration and infrared technologies are currently used by many Physiotherapists. I am thrilled to have been introduced to Heal Inc and I am telling everyone I know about this wonderful place."

  • Cathy, Sudbury ON

    Cathy, Sudbury ON

    Peace + Serenity + Weight Loss?! 

    "I have been attending Heal for over 7 months. I've lost weight, found peace & serenity and love living life now. Thank you so much!"

  • Amelia-Lynn, Sudbury ON

    Amelia-Lynn, Sudbury ON


    "I have a bone disease and since I have been coming to the Heal center, the pain and discomfort has been a lot more manageable."

  • Greg Mars, Sudbury ON

    Greg Mars, Sudbury ON

    What our members are saying:

    "Been attending Heal since January 2015. I've found that it's a great place for the community because it is health conscious and directed towards personal well-being. The staff are informative and educated in making health oriented decisions to improve your lifestyle. It's a good place to relax, unwind, meditate and add some positivity to your day. I only wish I could attend more..!"

  • Denise, Sudbury ON

    Denise, Sudbury ON

    Doctor is impressed..! 

    "I have been coming to Heal for a few months and it always brings me pain relief as well as stress relief. A calming atmosphere, pleasant-friendly and relaxed staff who endeavor to make you feel comfortable and who never try to sell you products. Great therapy circuit that is quick, efficient and is the perfect marriage of body and mind therapy. I walk in with pain and 30 minutes later I walk out feeling normal. I love 'Heal' so much that I tell everyone I meet. I also love that this place is affordable, even on low income. Even my doctor is impressed with my results from this amazing place! Thank you Heal..! "

  • Germain, Sudbury ON

    Germain, Sudbury ON

    What our members are saying:

    "I had Cancer last year and I've heard a lot of great things about Infrared Saunas, Chaga Tea and Rebounding(the vibration machine) from well respected Cancer Research Doctors from around the globe. I have made the Heal Circuit part of my recovery and I have noticed how well I feel. I TRUELY believe that it is helping me. It's been over a year since my diagnosis and there is NO longer any signs of the disease. I am 100% healthy again."

  • Far, Sudbury ON

    Far, Sudbury ON

    What our members are saying:

    "I feel like a new person! I am completely relaxed and feel great after I finish the 30 minute circuit. Love it..! "

  • Carmen, Sudbury ON

    Carmen, Sudbury ON

    Back and knee pain? 

    "I have been to Heal twice in one week and now have no more pain in my lower back and knees. I would recommend this place to anyone..!"

  • C. Rodrigues, Sudbury ON

    C. Rodrigues, Sudbury ON

    What our members are saying:

    "Benefits and positive changes I have experienced since coming to 'Heal' a minimum of 3 times a week: Better Skin, Lost inches all over my body, Alleviated allergies and colds, Smaller waist, Tighter thighs, Better Sleep, No pain, No restless legs during sleep, Stress levels decreased significantly, Calm and content..!"

  • Diane, Sudbury ON

    Diane, Sudbury ON

    What our members are saying:

    "I have Peripheral Neuropathy with burning pain in my feet and lower legs. After only three 30 minute sessions at Heal, the burning pain has decreased substantially."

  • Kaela, Sudbury ON

    Kaela, Sudbury ON

    Only 30 minutes! 

    "I work 7 days a week with 2 jobs. I had to cancel my gym membership because I didn't have the time or energy. Coming to Heal takes less time, gives me a workout and relaxes me. Perfect for my busy lifestyle."

  • Yvette, Sudbury ON

    Yvette, Sudbury ON


    "Bonjour, I have been coming to Heal for a year and my health has increased for the better, and I have lost 30lbs!

  • Colette, Chelmsford ON

    Colette, Chelmsford ON

    Depression & Anxiety

    "I have been coming to 'Heal Sudbury' for approx 7 months. I feel that it has helped me greatly since I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for many years. When I am at Heal doing the 30 minute circuit, I am relaxed and my anxiety level lowers quickly. I look forward to coming to do the circuit 4-5 times per week. It is a very relaxing environment.

  • Angel, Sudbury ON

    Angel, Sudbury ON

    Bad Knees?

    "I have been coming to 'Heal Sudbury' since December and it is very addictive! I used to have bad knees, but not anymore. I did not gain any winter weight this year! My skin is better than it's ever been! I have more energy in general. I always feel fresh, reuvenated and sleep like a baby afterwards! Thank you Heal...